Suspicious Design Flaw … Pump on #Vaseline Lotion Bottle

Pictures always tell the real story. When I couldn’t pump any more product from this container of Vaseline Total Moisture hand lotion, I wrenched the top off. Wrench is a good word. Clearly the top isn’t meant to twist off. Then I pounded the container against a glass to empty out the remaining product. Look how much hand lotion was still inside even though I couldn’t pump it out. Hmmm. Design flaw? I wonder how many consumers toss it when it no longer pumps the lotion, figuring it to be empty?I see this as a subtle way of Big Biz hoping Average Josephine won’t bother doing what I did — pound out the remaining product — but instead buy a replacement. Think about this next time something appears to be empty.

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Kimberley Koz


  • Herms dude, we do the same thing at thing our our house, well the P.A. does! MOL She says and I quote, “I’m not being cheated out of product because they are cheating me by using a pump that doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle!”



    Basil & Co xox

  • Oh yes!! Found the same with pricey face cream in a pump bottle. Getting the top off was a nearly a job for The Hulk and there was about a quarter of the product left! I only buy what comes in a jar now.

    • Clearly the Brands have found a way to make more money off of us. I remember who they are and refuse to buy their products again. I have the memory of an… Oh look! A kitty!

    • We need a hacksaw to rip through the bottles, they’re made of strong plastic that will never break down. Just think…two centuries from now, that damn bottle with the short pump will still be taking up space in a landfill. Just disgusting.

  • guyz….grate werk bye yur mom….we can see herz tryin ta live up two
    de sherlock name…..knot bad for starterz…….makes ya wunder what de ree cycle place thinkz when they get theeze…. still fulla product ~~~~~~

    • Hi Tabbies! Thank you for the praise, but I have a long way to go before I can live up to the high standards set by Sherlock Herms.

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