Sweating with Fury

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Had fun yesterday morning. Nearly hit neighbor’s puppy. Then its twin chased my car to the busy road. Had to turn around, go back, ring doorbell. They were home – garage door open with several cars in driveway, but they couldn’t be bothered to answer bell. I rang like I was kinda furious.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t answer. Hm.

Chased the dogs down. Put one over the stoopid tiny makeshift fence while its twin joyfully showed me how they got out by getting back in — the “gate” is tipped and they can jump it.

I’m now sweating through my underwear and still need to take Peaches to the vet for a severe respiratory infection. My POS van has no air. So window is down (only one works and it’s not on the driver side) and while I drive to the vet, I write furious anonymous notes to put in their mail box.

I threaten to leave dog carcass on their front doorstep after I find it dead on the road. I tell them next time I will just load the dogs into my car and take them to the pound. Better they get euthanized than suffer at their lousy hands. I tell them there is a dog fighting ring in the neighborhood. I tell them to answer their effing doorbell!

This is not the first time I’ve had to stop to put their dogs back in their yard. These people have a reputation for not taking care of their pets.

I’m burning with fury by the time I get to the vet because my underwear is now sweaty.

I get meds for Peaches and meds for Noah, my feral stray who also has a respiratory infection. I forget all about my fury while in their air conditioning.

But I remember on the way home since I’m again sweaty. I think sweat brings out the manic animal crusader in me.


This time I write the note in my head and decide to not mention dead carcass and pound. I decide if I see the pups again on the road, I will call Animal Control. My luck someone would see me popping the pups into my car and accuse me of being a dog-napper.

Back home I pour strong coffee and turn down the air conditioning. Noah ate his medication cuz I hid it inside sardines.

Still writing note in my head.

I’m proud of myself for removing the swearwords from this post.

Have a sweat-free day!


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  • It has been beastly. Hot here too. That is horrible the way your neighbors treat their dogs. By all means, you should call animal control. Be careful about writing a note…nor days you are likely to get shot by them for doing that.

    • Painfully true, but I live in a reasonably safe neighborhood. No one has waved their weapons since the last election. However I’ve gotten over the need to write a note. But I will call Animal Control, if only to save a life. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Oh honey – I’m sorry. I came home from Purrfect Pals the other week and saw that the neighbors dogs had escaped. I parked my car. Knocked on door – nothing. I rang door bell – nothing. just as I was leaving to get paper – he opened the door. saying that he just saw one of his dogs on the other side of the fence – well DAH – that’s why I was ringing your door bell – must be broken I ask – Nope he says he heard it.
    Seriously – I completely understand not wanting to answer the door for strangers – but hello – he even remembered my name. He thanked me profusely and fixed the hole under his gate.
    I hate to say it – but calling animal control is probably the best solution – Great job on making your post “family friendly” – well almost dog carcass may be a bit much.
    Take a cool shower – that should help!

    • Okay, so it’s not just my neighbor. Maybe every neighborhood has a non-doorbell-answering house. Admittedly I don’t answer mine if I’m writing or see it’s someone I don’t know. I guess I get a little too descriptive when I’m sweating and there is a pet in danger. Okay, taking dog carcass out of the note. Maybe not even writing note. Hugs!

  • I have a broken ac in my car too. I’m still trying to cool off after a 1030 appt. What awful people your neighbors are. Those pups are innocent little babes who don’t deserve their lot in life! I hate people who treat their animals like you described!

    • Our POS van is symbolic of Ray’s need to drive a car off the lot and then drive it to the junk yard. It’s basic transportation. B.A.S.I.C. He likes to drive it to work because Memphis has the world’s worst drivers and he refuses to drive our land yacht anywhere where it will be in danger of getting hit. Our other car (we have 3 now) was in repair shop. On dangerous heat days I insist Ray take the land yacht to work despite putting it in mortal danger. So I got stuck driving the POS that day. Opening two windows opposite of each other creates a semi-moist breeze that allows you to think you feel cooler. Just saying… Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hot and sticky and icky here, too, although not nearly as hot as where you are. So far, so good. Don’t think Peep #1 has sweated through her underwear but then again, I didn’t ask her. MOUSES!


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