Celebrating 4th BelleHerm Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to Belle and Herman!!!

Celebrating 4th BelleHerm Anniversary

Today, June 22nd, Belle @Frankencat1 and I, Herman @TattleCat celebrate our 4th anniversary. Thanks to the phenomenally talented @DanaPixie, we had the wedding of our dreams at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan–complete with a Cast of Thousands,

Seriously. Thousands. We refused to leave any of our bestest pals out of the wedding pawty. It holds the record for the largest wedding @DanaPixie ever created. Thank you, Dana, so much for the memories.

Join me in looking back on that truly Wonderpurr day on June 22, 2013 when I made my beautiful Belle my bride.

Gidget, Fussy, Bennie, Lou, Gromek and Fancy.

Our ceremony was Officiated by @DanaPixie & @FatherTazo

As Belle and I exchanged meows, JeffMusk presented our rings.

Belle’s pawrents, David and Karen, Belle, Me Herman, and my pawrents Kim and Ray.

Belle and I with our entire wedding pawty.

If you would like to see the entire wedding album, you are invited to click the invitation below that will take you to the album. When you get there, click on the first photo–it will enlarge–and then use the right arrow on the side of the photo to flip through our wedding album. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Anniversary to Belle and Herman!!!

3rd Annipurrsary songHerman: Today Belle @Frankencat1 and I celebrate our third annipurrsary. Seems like only three years ago when @DanaPixie coordinated our Epic Wedding with a Cast of Thousands!

It was the biggest wedding the Anipal Wedding Planners ever had. In fact, I think our record still stands. Hey–we couldn’t leave out any of our bestest anipal furends! Right, honey?

Belle: Right. Even if it meant Miz Dana had to keep her computer running for three weeks straight to get our wedding photos made. Did you ever send her a check to cover her high electric bill?

Herman: I thought you sent it? So! What do you think of the annipurrsary song I wrote for you?

Belle: Sounds familiar. Like a Beatle song.

Herman: I hear that all the time. *pulls out a newspaper* Our wedding made the International Headlines in our town.

Belle: Yes. All the way to Canada! *pulls out their wedding album* You want to trip down Memory Lane with me and look at our photos?

Herman: Absolutely!


Dori: Hi Hwermie. Hi Belle! Whatcha doin’?

Herman: Today is our wedding annipurrsary. We are looking through our wedding album, reminiscing.

Dori: When when this?

Belle: Three years ago.

Dori: Why wasn’t I invited?

Herman: Because you weren’t born yet.

Dori: Hunh! If I was borned, would I have been invited?

Herman: Yes, of course.

Dori: Would I be in the wedding pawty?

Belle: Sure.

Dori: Would I be the bride?

Hermie: No, Belle is the bride.


Dori: How bout the groom?

Belle: No. Herman is the groom.


Dori: Hunh! Can I be da flower grrrl?

Herman: Okay. You can be a flower grrrl.

Dori: Can I pick out my flowers?

Herman: Belle picked them out.

Dori: But what if I don’t like them?

Belle: Yes, you could have picked out your flowers. *rolls eyes*

Dori: How bout my dwess?

Herman: Belle picked out—

Belle: Yes! She could have picked out her dress.

Dori: Could I invite my grrrl furends @Pixie_Tooth and @Fancy_girl05?

Herman: Sure.

Dori: How ’bout my new furend @ErinTheCat1?

Belle: Absolutely.

Dori: How ’bout @HRMeowness Wills — my Pwince Honeysmoochies?

Herman: Yes, Dori. You could have invited them all.

Dori: Oh boy! This is gonna be so much fun!

Herman: *exchanges looks with Belle* Dori, we got meowied three years ago. The wedding is over.

Dori: What? I missed it? How come I wasn’t invited? Yoo said I could be a flower grrrl! Yoo promised! I’m telling Mom! *runs off crying*


Belle: So happy she’s your sisfur and not mine.

Herman: I’ll take three of yours if you take Dori. Consider it a wedding annipurrsary pawsent.

Belle: Honey, you could offer to take all of my fursibs and I still wouldn’t take Dori. She’s a handful.

Herman: And then some. Let’s scamper down Memory Lane and look at our wedding album.

Furends, you’re welcome to join us. Just click on the mewspaper below and visit our Wedding of the Year, all made by the wonderpurr @DanaPixie.


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