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Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost – Part 2
Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost
Sherlock Herms: In-Between Cases 1 and 2 – Part 2
Sherlock Herms: In-Between Cases 1 and 2

Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost – Part 2

Previously on Sherlock Herms – The Case of Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost Mrs Shallowford's Ghost

When Herman’s 1940s black Bakelite phone summons him to his second case, he again climbs inside his Ride – a tricked out Gen7Pets Regal stroller – and is sucked into the kitty play tunnel-slash-trans-portal energy gate to travel back to the 1940s.

Herman expects to arrive at a strange house like he did on his first case, The Case of the Dancing Ghosts. And he does! Except the strange house is his own home, seventy years in the past. It looks nothing like the house he lives in with his mom, dad and eleventy-billion fursibs.

He’s freaked about the changes, but his detective assistant-slash-sisfur, Dori, isn’t. She isn’t even surprised when a loud screechy lady with painted eye brows answers the door and tells them they can find her missing jewelry, but she won’t pay them to find it. Dori is okay with that. She tells Herman it wasn’t Painted Eye Brow Lady who hired them. It was Charley.

Who Charley is Herman has no idea. He also has no idea what’s going on with his sweet little sisfur who is acting like she’s the hardboiled detective with grit in her blood, and he’s her meek little detective assistant.

And now…Part 2.


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Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost

Mrs Shallowford's Ghost

My name is Sherlock Herms. It is my business to know what others don’t know. At least that’s what I hoped for once I got more experience as a private investigator. I had just completed my first job, The Case of the Dancing Ghosts, and was now on my way to my second case.

Dori and I huddled together with our paws over our ears to block the wind-whooshing sound created by my Ride—a mint chip colored Gen7Pets Regal stroller—as it zoomed through the kitty play tunnel-slash-trans-portal energy gate.

I deliberately kept my back to the control panel to keep from staring at it. The dazzling display of button lights captivated me unlike catnip or any feathery toy, but the control panel hated to be stared at. It was kinda scary.

Stop StaringI also blocked Dori from touching the panel. She had a thing about a particular pink button that would delay us from reaching our destination by ten days per push. On my first case we should have arrived in June, but because Dori pawed it repeatedly, we didn’t arrive until May—nearly a year later! Dori forgot to bring her treats, and our client refused to feed us, and Dori got so starvy, she became sick. Which reminded me… Read More

Sherlock Herms: In-Between Cases 1 and 2 – Part 2

Previously on Sherlock Herms… In-Between Cases 1 & 2…

When we last left our hero, Herman TattleCat – the dashing hardboiled detective with grit in his blood – he had just sent a fan letter business correspondence to his hero, Sherlock Holmes, asking for tips on solving cases (and maybe an autographed photo if Holmes wasn’t too busy) when his sisfur/assistant, the beautiful but trash-basket-rooting Adorapurr aka Dori, showed him a book about the basics of ghost hunting. There were rules to be followed…like getting purrmission to investigate a haunted house instead of barging in and just doing it. Also, there were rules about wearing the proper clothing, like scarves and shoes. However, as neither Herman or Dori wear scarves, and they can’t zoom in shoes, they decide to wing it like they did on their first case.

Then the phone rings, and they are hired for their second case!

And now…In-Between Cases – Part 2


Sherlock Herms: In-Between Cases 1 and 2

In Between Cases PromoMom? Could I have a refill?” I stood in the doorway of my Wonderpurr Detective Agency, holding my cup. My mom has a coffee bar set up in the corner of her author-office. I’m just starting out so I can’t afford my own, yet.

Hi, I’m Sherlock Herms, a hardboiled detective with grit in my blood. I’d just solved my first paying mystery—the Case of the Dancing Ghosts—two days ago, and I was anxious to solve another. My mom wants to write mysteries, and since I’m her mews, I decided to open my own detective agency so I could learn about solving crimes.

Mom looked up from paying bills. She doesn’t like to pay bills on her author computer…says the financial mojo messes with her creative mojo, but there is no way around it. The old computer has retired due to Microsoft no longer supporting Windows XP. I have no idea what that means…nor do I care. I just wanted more coffee.

“What did you do with the last cup?” she asked. “You didn’t drink it, did you? Coffee will stunt your growth.”

Herman with coffee

“No, I just like how it smells in my office.” Truthfully, I didn’t. But us detectives drink a lot of coffee. I read that somewhere. Read More

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