Halloween costumes for pets

#SundaySelfie – Halloween Herman!!!
Herman’s Halloween Costume

#SundaySelfie – Halloween Herman!!!

Hi pals! Sadly it’s that time of year again when our Moms and Dads think it’s “cute” to dress us in Halloween costumes.

Like we are really going to go door to door, begging.

Well, maybe my doggy furends might go begging, but I don’t know one member of the Finicky Feline Society who would beg inside their homes, much less go door to door.

With that said… *big sigh* Here’s my Sunday Selfie as a fweakin’ peacock.

P.S. Don’t you dare laff at me. I haz claws and know how to use them. Kinda. Sorta.

Herman: Hey Dori! Whatcha think of my Halloween costume? I’m a Peacock!

Dori: Can I be honest?

Herman: Well… I guess.

Dori: *whispurrs* Yoo look silly.

Herman: Mom said I looked cute.

Dori: Same thing!

Herman: *sighs* Happy Halloween, pals!

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