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Dori Wants Her #Smittens – Even When She’s Not a Good Girl
Valentine’s Day Advice by Adorapurr
Dori’s Birthday Wishes
Sherlock Herms: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts – Part 2
Sherlock Herms in His 1st Big Caper: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts

Dori Wants Her #Smittens – Even When She’s Not a Good Girl

Hi! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Lately I’ve been thinking about how I only get my favorite tweats ~ Smittens! ~ when I’m a good grrrl.  I don’t think that’s fair. I mean, I’m a good grrrl on most days. But what about those days when I accidentally bweak something? Not on purrpose! It’s not my fault Mom’s tchotchkes are so poorly made that they explode when they hit the floor.

So, I’m thinking of starting a pwotest over being denied my Smittens whenever I feel in the mood to nom their fishy goodness.

Wait. What? Yoo haven’t heard about my favorite tweats? Well, gather awound, pals and let me meow about them.


“Smittens treats are made by The Honest Kitchen. They are cute, heart-shaped and crunchy, all very impawtent to me. They are also 100% grain-free, made from pure, wild, line-caught Haddock from the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland, all very impawtent to my meowmy.”

Dori-tastes-Smittens-700x465 “I understand these tweats are made wif no fillers or by-products. Just pure 100% dehydrated Haddock, packaged in the U.S.A. The Honest Kitchen didn’t get its name by being sneaky, and that’s the troof!”


“I’d like to thank the Academy… I mean, for sending me dis package of Smittens. Eating Smittens tweats is like a pawty in my mouf. Smittens also makes my tummy happy. If you want a pawty in your happy tummy, visit and tell them Dori sent you.”

Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, nor the product manufacturer.

Valentine’s Day Advice by Adorapurr

Hi Everyone. It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws!* Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I’m here to tell you, Valentine’s Day is all about Womance.

Womancing your hoomon, that is.

When your hoomon feels loved and appweciated, he or she rewards you with belly rubs, ear scritches and extra tweats, like my most favorite tweats in the world, Smittens.

Not that I’m saying you should womance your hoomon because you want something in return…

No wait. That is what I’m saying.

Anyway! Womance is a balancing act of Action and Gift-giving.

Actions speak louder than words. For example…spraying her coat will have her thinking of you for a long, long time.

Serenade him. Sing the song of your people at dawn. Get a fursib to accompany you. Make beautiful mewsic together!

Drape yourself over her lap while she’s eating noms and watching TV. Help her eat the noms. If she’s extra soft around the middle, sneeze all over her noms so she won’t eat them and lose extra softness. She will thank you.

If he’s dressed up to go out to dinner, rub extra hard around his legs. Be sure to distribute your fur evenly so he won’t stop thinking of you all evening. Plus the hoomon he’s with will be able to enjoy you, too.

Gifts-giving doesn’t have to be expensive. While dead mice and lizards are so last year, unless you’re Choupette Lagerfeld, Tommaso, or Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat, you’re not expected to shop for your hoomon at Tiffany’s or  (although I highly recommend their Roach Rods and Marbled Boiled Wool Balls).

Dori’s Top Gift Suggetions for Hoomons:

Beloved old catnip mousie that you no longer want cuz it stinks.

A fat, juicy, live spider you found in the bathroom.

That lost diamond earring you hid under the sofa last year.

Help her cook dinner noms:

Or maybe she needs a mew lamp:

While it’s the thought that counts, presentation is very important. Be sure to wrap your gift in purrty red paper with hearts and a bow.

I hope some of my suggestions are helpful. And if they are, remempurr to tell everyone that it was me who thought of it first. Until next time…

Have a Wonderpurr Valentine’s Day.

I hope yoo get everything you deserve.



Dori’s Birthday Wishes

Today is Dori’s 4th birthday. And what does Dori want for her birthday? Treats, of course! Coincidentally, sent us a box of Wishes made by The Honest Kitchen, the makers of Smittens, Dori’s favorite treats. Naturally she was excited to open her present.


Wishes treats are 100% Icelandic haddock fillets made for both cats and dogs to enjoy. They are caught in the cold waters off the coast of Iceland using hook and line, not trawlers, to reduce impact on the ocean’s eco-system.  They’re grain-free and perfect for sensitive pets who suffer from allergies or intolerance to certain foods such as grains and proteins. Wishes come in large, dehydrated fillets – they can be snapped into smaller pieces for your dogs or cats. No fillers, by-products or GMO ingredients; made with 100% human-grade ingredients in the USA.


Dori thinks they smell stinky good! She couldn’t wait for us to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her so she could open the box.


Large, dehydrated planks are hard and crunchy, and easily broken into to smaller pieces…if your pet will wait long enough for you to do so. The strong fish aroma isn’t offensive, and I like that they are made in an FDA-inspected human food facility.


I don’t have to guess what birthday wish Dori made this year. The Honest Kitchen came through for her once again!


Disclaimer: We have received this above product for free in exchange for our honest review. No compensation other than the product was given. Any claims we make about the products we review are truthful as we see it. Please refer to the link directing you to the product for further information.


Sherlock Herms: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts – Part 2

Previously on Sherlock Herms…The Case of the Dancing Ghosts…Sherlock Herms 1st caper cover CROPPED

When we last left our hero, Herman TattleCat – the dashing hardboiled detective with grit in his blood – he had just opened the Wonderpurr Detective Agency and had been hired to take his first case. However, he had concerns about the location of the case, as he didn’t have purrmission to leave the yard. That’s when his brofurs, Opie and Jack, arrived with Herman’s Gen7Pets stroller…with slight modifications…along with a nylon cat play tunnel that was said to be a trans-portal.

Accompanied by his sisfur –the beautiful though uncoordinated Adorapurr aka Dori – Herman climbed into his tricked out stroller, and pressed the H on his collar to the H on the control panel with a scary array of glowing buttons, including a pretty pink one that had Dori mesmerized. After Dori meowed the address and pawed the appropriate button, Herman’s Ride began to shake like a wet dog. Before them the nylon tunnel glowed in the attic’s shadowy darkness. Herman thought it looked like it was growing bigger…or maybe he and Dori were shrinking. Either way, his Ride was rolling toward it, as though being sucked inside.

While Dori freaked out – “Haalllp! We are being eaten!” – Herman zipped the stroller’s hood into place just as Opie and Jack returned, waving their paws. Despite the bouncing and the blurring Herman can see the fur on their backs standing straight up.

“Stop!” Jack yowled. “I forgot to tell you—” Then he was gone. And Opie was gone.

Everything was gone!

And now…Part 2


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Sherlock Herms in His 1st Big Caper: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts

My name is Sherlock Herms. It is my business to know what others don’t know. At least that’s what I hoped for once I got my paws wet as a private investigator. It was my first day on the job.

The Wonderpurr Detective Agency had been open for business all of twenty minutes, but my phone hadn’t rung once. I flicked my floofy tail with impatience. How long would I have to wait before someone hired me to solve a caper?

It all began a couple nights ago when Mom and I were wide awake cuz Dad was snoring Classic 70’s rock songs in his sleep. We ended up in front of the TV watching a documentary on famous detectives. Mom told me to pay close attention. She had decided to write mysteries. She seemed pretty set on doing it. That made me nervous.

I’m her mews, you see. I inspire her when she writes novels. I even starred in FINDING MYA for her. But how could I inspire her when I know nuffin’ about solving mysteries? If I fell down on the job, she might ask my arch-nemesis to be her mews. He’s a chunky orange tabby named Opie. He’s also my brofur.

With that in mind, I paid close attention to the documentary featuring Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Mike Hammer, Dick Tracy, Charlie Chan, and the husband and wife team, Nick and Nora Charles. My purrrsonal favorites were Spade and Marlowe for their hardboiled detective lingo, and Sherlock Holmes for his use of logical reason to solve cases. Plus I liked his hat. Read More

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