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At The Mew-vees Presents Raccoon with Ice Cream Cone
Raccoon Huck and Family

Raccoon Huck and Family

IMG_9944Huck and Beck and their family enjoy a Father’s Day breakfast in my yard. Huck received extra peanuts from me. He’s an amazing raccoon.

Huck was born blind in one eye in 2011. His sister Helen was born both blind and deaf. She moved to a wildlife rescue sanctuary, but Huck remained with me. I was concerned about him, he was always skinny and an outsider among the other raccoons. Then he met Becky, and happily they had a family. Years later, Huck continues to bring Becky and his family to my yard. Yes, he’s spoiled. He likes to eat his breakfast on my porch in his own water-filled dish. Huck and his family love peanuts. In exchange for feeding them, they keep poisonous snakes out of my yard. Good trade!

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