Tribute to Nerissa the Cat

Nerissa and polyanthus

Nerissa and Polyanthus

Today is Nerissa the Cat’s five month Angelversary. Seems like only yesterday when we were hanging out, with Niss going on about politics and the Canadian gov’mint, and expounding on his admiration for Anderson Cooper.

Niss loved adventures, and was always asking me to go on them with Savannah and Dash, but I was too caught up in helping my mom write books, and never got the chance. I always thought we had time. Turns out my best friend was out of time, at least here on earth.

One of the first things I remember about Niss, way back in 2011 when we first started hanging out, was his love of his garden. He often shared photos of his garden with me, and he even sent me giant homemade mouses stuffed with home-grown nip from his garden. I still have them mouses and…MOUSES! The nip continues to work its magic on me and my fur sibs.

Niss back when we first met in 2011.

Niss back when we first met in 2011.

Niss coined the phrase, ‘MOUSES’ and had hopes that by getting all of his friends to use it, someday it would be added to the dictionary. So in honor of Niss, let’s all step it up  by exclaiming MOUSES!

If you hang out on Niss’s blog you will see what an incredibly active cat he was. Not only going on some pretty amazing adventures, and his love of politics – he was running for Canadian Senate when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge – but also his relentless involvement with saving homeless cats. He tweeted and Facebooked about every cat he heard about on death row, desperate for a Forever Home. I don’t know how many he rescued with his tweets and Facebooking…but I know he raised awareness by posting their faces and pleading for someone to help them.

Niss was cool even without his bionic knee and glasses

Niss was cool even without his bionic knee and glasses

I admired Niss so much. Not only was he my Best Mancat at my wedding when I meowied Belle, he was a loyal friend, more than anyone will ever know. He reached out to me so many times when I was feeling low about something. You couldn’t ask for a better pal than Niss. But if you know who Nerissa the Cat is, you already know what an amazing friend he was.

I was so very proud of Niss for winning his awards. He won the Blogpaws 2013 Nose-to-Nose for Best Blog Writingk, and in 2015 Blogpaws awarded him with a Special award for Excellence in a Collaborative Blogging Effort. I was at the Blogpaws banquet when Chloe DeVita announced this award. I was so stunned to hear my Besties name that I couldn’t text him fast enough to tell me he had won an award he didn’t even know existed. Niss also won two 2013 Canadian Blog Awards for Humor writing and Pet Blogging.

Rescued - click to buy

Rescued – click to buy

Niss also had his life story published in Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes. I was so proud of him and his Peep #1 for that accomplishment.

In April 2013 Niss had leg problems, and the end result was damage to his knee. He had to have a bionic knee, and got to wear really cool glasses. Read Niss’s post on his cool glasses here. He went through surgery and we all thought okay, he’s gonna be fine and go on his adventures, etc.  But maybe the knee was the beginning of the end. Maybe somehow his bionic knee caused an infection and somehow that contributed to the Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency that weaken him beyond recovery, and made him decide to walk over the Rainbow Bridge on April 30, 2015 before we were all ready to see him go.

Unlike many of our pals who now reside Over the Rainbow Bridge, Niss decided his work on this side was done, and he turned his award-winning blog over to his brother, Seville aka the Orange Dude. Sev is doing a great job, but I sure miss my pal, Niss.

You can read Seville’s tribute to his brother here.

Losing Niss hurt my heart. It’s taken me this long to pull myself together to write this tribute. I’m weeping with loss as I write this, as if he was leaving us for a second time. But you know…Niss will never really be gone. As long as we remember him, and read his adventures, and support rescuing cats on death row…Niss will live forever.

You were one in a zillion, Niss. I’m honored to have been your friend. Goodbye…for now.

Nerissa Forever

Nerissa Forever



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  • Oh my gosh, Herman… What a BEAUTIFUL tribute in honour of Nissy. THANK YOU!!! You were his best friend in the world. His bestest Bestie. He loved you so very much and I know this to be fact. And I, as his brother, am so very proud to follow in his pawsteps and be your Bestie, too. Nissy is likely shedding a tear right now, as he looks down from Heaven upon us, and reads the heartfelt words you have written in this post.


  • I miss my Adventurcat pal Nissy so badly it hurts my heart and soul and Mom L’s too. Did you know it was my Mom L who accepted Nissy’s award at BP 2013? It was her first time at BP and she will never ever forget it. She had ‘plush’ Nissy accept the award with her. We sent some USA meds to Nissy but they arrived too late. Thank you for remembering my Nip Head pal Nerissa The Cat. Paw hugs, Savannah

  • Herman, this is beautifully put. The Adventurcats miss Nissy, his crazy nip and his lust for the adventurous life! Politics, discussion, thought – all part of the boy we still miss more than words can say. He was, as you say, one in a zillion alright.


  • Gosh has it been that long Herman?Nissy real was a fun kitty to have around,we even shared and adventure together,Christmas sure won’t be the same this year,xx Speedy

  • This is a beautiful tribute to Nissy. It doesn’t seem possible that it is 5 months since he left us. I, and so many others miss him.

  • I am so happy to read this Herman. I loved Nissy too and I miss him. Just seeing his mommy’s picture of him made mom and I both feel sad as we TRULY miss him. Thank you for this wonderful loving and dear testimony to him. Seville is magnificent and I love looking at him. He is so earnest and handsome too I might add (mom has a thing for marmy’s) but Nerissa will always be in our boy.

  • That was such a beautiful tribute to Nissy. I loved Nissy and looked forward to reading his twice weekly posts. He was an angel on earth.

  • I agree, Katie. Niss was just…special. He had that certain something that attracted us like moth to flames…or mice to cheese…or flies to… Okay, I’ll stop now. But Niss made the journey OTRB, and bless our new pal Seville for taking over Niss’s blog. He has big paws to fill, but I know he can do it. Purrs!

  • Time flies that’s true, but our hearts will never forget the wonderpurr Niss. He’s been my bestie since we met in 2011. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

  • You’re right, Speedy. Christmas and every holiday won’t be the same without Niss. He had the best adventures, so fun to read. But Seville was right there beside him, in training, without even knowing he was training. I know Sevvy will do a great job. Purrs and hugs!

  • You know, Silver… I think Niss would want us to celebrate his life by enjoying adventures like he would have if he was still with us in purrrson. It’s hard not to have our pal with us, but Seville is willing to keep the adventures going. We were blessed to have Niss for as long as we did. As a saying goes…Don’t Be Sad it’s Over…Be Happy it Happened.

  • Savannah, I know you are hurting as much as I am. My mom tried to get Niss help through my doctor, but again…too late. Me and Mom were at Blogpaws Nashville when it was announced Niss had won a special award for Excellence in Collaborative Blogging. Mom accepted the award and sent it to Niss’s mom. We were so thrilled he won, even though he was over the rainbow bridge. See how talented he was? Still winning awards when he’s no longer with us. Paw hugs!

  • Oh Sevvy…you make me cry. Yes, I want you to be my Bestie too. Together we will keep Niss’s spirit flying high. He inspired both of us to do great things, and we will in his name. And hopefully he will smile down on us. Love and Purrs! Herman!!!

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