True Confession: I Was Bamboozled by Slow Blinky Eyes

Happy Wednesday, Furends! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Today my chat is about my experience with a real live Cat Whispurrer.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t easily meet new hoomons. To me, a Stranger Danger alert means I dive under the couch the moment someone who doesn’t smell like my mom or dad walks in the door.

No offense to those who like kitties, but you have to go a long way to win my trust, and up till now no one…NO ONE…has won me over except for my mom and dad.

So a couple Sundays ago when my daddy went out of town for a week on biz, I was expecting to have my mom all to myself…except for Hwermie, Opie, Peaches, Dori (wait–that’s me), Frank, Chauncie Marie, Jack, Jesse, Nikolas (my daddy), Gidget, Candy and Elly, my newest little sister, and Chevy the new outdoor kid. Yup! My mom all to myself.

Except that didn’t happen. About two hours after Dad left, I was on my way from the bedroom to the living room when the front door opened and in walked …

Except… she didn’t exactly look threatening. She said, “Hello, Dori,” real soft, and I just stood there with my mouf hanging open, not sure what to do. After a moment I didn’t fly under the couch. Instead I just walked to the sun room to warn my fur sibs that Mom had company.

The company was Miz Janeson. Hwermie already knew her from when she vacationed with him in Gatlinburg last October before the horrible fire devastated the beloved vacation spot.

Hwermie and Miz Janeson first met in Gatlinburg, TN.

Hwermie later told me Miz Janeson is mom to @ThatStripeyCat and Cammie @HerGraceTheCat. As I watched him hang out with Miz Janeson, I realized she might be the first stranger to enter our home that I could possibly warm up to.

First of all, she smelled like a kitty whom I later learned was named Princess Leia, as both Stripey and Cammie are now angels. *bows head for a moment of silent respect.*

This is Leia. Isn’t she cute? She reminds me of my sisters Gidget and Elly.

Princess Leia

It took me a full day before I realized Miz Janeson was determined to win me over. Let me tell you, she’s a sneaky one. She started by making friends with Opie. He was lying in the sunroom, minding his own bizness, when she sat down by him real quiet like, and talked to him. Opie isn’t like me, in that he runs from strangers, but he holds back and lets them work real hard to win him over. With Miz Janeson, it took less than 10 minutes before he rolled over and started to purr.

He told me she did the Slow Blinky Eyes on him.

“What’s that?” I wanted to know. I was afraid it was some kind of cult ritual.

“It’s like what we do when we meet strange kitties,” Opie told me. “Remember when you first came to live with us? You were afraid of me, and I slowly blinked at you to let you know you didn’t have to be afraid.”

I made my way into the bedroom to collect my thoughts.

I do my best thinking under the bed.

Then Miz Janeson went to work on Elly. Elly is a baby and easily bamboozied. But when I later interrogated… I mean, asked her about Miz Janeson, all she could do was rave about how Miz J did the Slow Blinky Eyes with her.

Miz J also went to work on Peaches who was won over in a shamelessly short time. And Hwermie just couldn’t get enough of her.

Not to mention Opie was becoming somewhat possessive of her.

By now it was Wednesday and I was starting to think I was missing out on something really special. So when Miz J did the Slow Blinky Eyes with me…I didn’t fweak out and run for the bedroom. Instead I embraced the experience.

Let me tell you, it was a surprise to my mom, to Miz J — and especially to me when I was on the back of the sofa when Miz J sat down and I didn’t bolt. I stayed there. I even stretched my legs.

And then I stepped onto the sofa arm and walked around Miz J…testing to see if she would do something scary like grab me. But she didn’t.

I didn’t honestly mean to be so easy, but there was something about her that won me over. When she reached out to pet me, I felt like I was being pet by my Mom.

For me being pet by a stranger who was no longer scary…and no longer a stranger, was the highlight of the week Miz Janeson was here.

For Hwermie he said the highlight was Miz J driving him around the neighborhood.

After five days with us, Miz Janeson went back home to Leia. We were very sad to see her go. She brought calm, positive energy into our home, and she and Mom got lots of work done, sitting side by side on the sofa, working on their stuff. (I have no idea what hoomons do, nor do I care.)

But I have to say, the one who misses Miz Janeson the most is Opie. Honestly, he is truly one Smitten Kitten.


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  • Dearest Dori, I’m soooo happy that you let me become your furriend. It was a very special moment when you let me pet you. You have bee-yoo-ti-full eyes and a sweet purrsonality. I hope you’ll find other furriendly hoomans and let them get to know you, too. I miss you, Herman, Opie, Frank, Candy, Peaches, Elly, your mom, and the rest of the Wonderpurr gang, too. I had a wonderful time, and when I got home I felt rested and happy from all th peaceful, pleasant energy at your house. I don’t know when I’ll get to see you again, but I’ll never forget you * slow blinky eyes *

    • Hi:Miz Janeson:
      It nice to touch base wif you again. I haz been hanging out wif Cammie and Stripey. I remember dat Cammie was my first pal on twitter and I sats on her porch. She welcomed me right away.
      We zooming thru nipfields and bouncing from cloud to cloud wif our wings.
      I envious you gots to meet my Herman. I misses him. He is pawsome mancat husband.


    • *hypnotized by Miz Janeson’s slow blinky eyes* We miss yoo, Miz J. I promise the next time we meet not to make yoo work so hard to make friends with me. Thank yoo for saying I have bee-yoo-ti-ful eyes and a sweet purrsonality. I will put that on my we-su-may.
      Wuv yoo!

  • Dori, as befits your wonderfulness you are picky about humans, but miss Janeson sounds like one of the best of the special ones worthy of us. Mwah mwah

    • Hi Jazz and Captain Worm-Sparrow. *wavy paws* So happy to hear from mew. Yes, Miz Janeson is special enough to be worthy of my attention. She’s in a very elite club: the Hoomons Dori Likes Club.

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