Will Dori Forgive Sherlock Herms?

Previously on Sherlock Herms in G.A.G. Order…

Dori slapped her book shut. “Let’s play 20 Questions. All yoo have to do is nod if we guess correctly. If we don’t, then yoo just sit there.”

The ladies put their heads together, whispering. Then Violet said, “I suppose we won’t be breaking the rules if we simply nod.”

“Excellent!” Dori put her book aside. “Did yoor granddaughter like pink? The color, not the singer.”

The ladies nodded.

“Did she like kitties?”

Again they nodded.

“Did she—?”

“Dori!” I snarled, embarrassed by her schoolgirl questions. “We need information on her death, not her fave colors and pets.” As my sister sat back with crossed arms and an even crosser expression, I asked my clients, “Did your granddaughter know the person who killed her?”

They stared at me. Then said, “We may need a few days before we can resume this interview.”

As Violet and Isobel faded away, I said to Dori. “I’m more than a spirit counselor. I’m a detective, and detectives detect. Tomorrow we will talk with the neighbors.”

Dori’s sulky puss warned me she was still hissed that I’d scolded her. “I got a better idea. Yoo talk with the neighbors. I might ask dumb questions about fave colors and fave pets.”

“I didn’t say your questions were dumb.”

“Yoo had a condescending tone to yoor voice.”

“I… I did not.”

“Did so. Tomorrow I’m going to take my dumb questions and talk with the kitties who live in the park.”

“What? Why?”

“So they can tell me about the lady who wears pink and loves kitties.” She picked up her book, prepared to leave.

I grabbed her tail. “Dori, wait. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be condescending with you. I’m just frustrated. How am I supposed to find a dead lady who doesn’t know she’s dead? Especially when my clients refuse to answer direct questions about who she is. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her name.”

“Why don’t yoo ask me who she is. I know.”

I stared at my little sister. “What? Who? Tell me!”

“Now yoo sound bossy.” She walked to the door leading to the stairs to my office.

I growled, “Dori!”

Her paw on the doorknob, she narrowed her eyes at me. I’d seen that look before—right before I got a headache. Dori claims she can give migraines just by thinking one into your head, and I believe her.

“Dori! Stop right there. Tell me the granddaughter’s name. I’m your boss.”

Her eyes brimmed with hurt. “I thought yoo were my pawtner.” A tear trickled through her whiskers, making me feel like a two-headed monster.

I ran to throw my paws around my little sister, but she closed the door between us. By locking it, she put an exclamation point on her feelings.

Will Dori forgive Herman for scolding her in front of their clients?

Will Dori forgive Herman for hinting that her questions were dumb?

Will Dori forgive Herman for having a condescending tone to his voice?

Will Dori forgive Herman for being bossy?

Will Dori forgive Herman for breaking her heart?

Return next week–April 14th–to find out!

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  • Awwww Dori, we’re sure Herms didn’t mean to upset mew, and he’s probably attaching a pink bow to a box of smittens right now by way of an apology!

    Here’s hoping so….

    Can’t wait fur next week to come around… 7 days seems like eons right now! MOL MOL

    Happy weekend guys

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

    • I know, Miz Bawbawa, but Hwermie is my bestest brofur. I no like when he’s all bossy and hissy at me. Makes me wanna smacky-paw his puss.

  • dori…….we iz takin a wild guess at thiz N we could total lee bee off mark; but… R ewe bye any chance …upset……with hermz ???!! ♥♥☺☺ happee week end guyz….lookin for werd ta de next install mint ♥♥

  • Aww, me thinks you, Dori, is going to be a bit miffed for a while, and probably rightly so. But Herman didn’t mean it, and never would to his fav partner. He does have a lot on his plate at the moment, and being a boss is not an easy thing. Besides, you two are a fine team and even the best teams, like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson disagreed. It’s how you deal with it that matters. Heres to a great week ahead for both of you.
    Purrs, ERin

  • Aw Herman, never be condescendin’ with the sisters. Take it from me. I have one who has thumbs and uses ’em to put the smack in smacky-paws, for sure. Another who growls at the wind, so you can imagine she thinks nothin’ of growlin’ at me. And a third who is so little and cute and adorable, she has the peeps wrapped ’round her little claws like the gift wrap on a present. MOUSES!

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