#Yeowww! ChiCatA Banana is Wonderpurr

I knew when I opened the goodie bag from Blogpaws and smelled something truly Wonderpurr…I was gonna have to fight to keep it.

Sure enough, after pawing through the bag I discovered a yellow banana filled with the absolute best-stinking catnip on this planet.

After a few sniffs, I was totally buzzed and lovin’ it!

I slept with my Yeowww! banana, and took it everywhere I went cuz I had a bad feeling that when I got home, I was gonna lose it to my fur sibs.

And sure enough…it happened. The minute the goodie bag was emptied, Opie, Peaches, and even sweet little Candy rushed to take MY BANANA. They put so much spit on it…now I can hardly smell the catnip.

While I was heartbroken to see MY BANANA soggy with their spit…I had a secret. A second banana! Mom only emptied her Blogpaws goodie bag onto the floor for the Wonderpurr Gang to check out. Dad’s goodie bag was put aside. And in it is a fresh banana. FOR ME!

Review Disclaimer – We were given the Yeowww! ChiCatA banana in the Blogpaws goodie bag. If the catnip wasn’t any good, it would have been tossed into the pile of other cat toys and ignored. But this catnip is amazing. It got immediate attention and is no longer yellow cuz… cat spit. But I guess if it still looked pristine fresh and new, that would mean it isn’t any good. But it is! Reeeeally good!

~Herman’s mom, Kimberley Koz


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