You’ve Got Mail

Actually… yoo don’t got mail. I gotz mail. From a repawsentative of named Chester P. Sprinkles who lives with Chelsea W. who works there.

Hi Evfurrybuddy! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws*

Chester saw my post Where Babies Come From and wrote me a fan letter. He even drawed a cute lil stork and made a Chewy box wif two kitties inside it.

I am so honored that Chester and his hoomom took the time to write to me. See, this is what my family loves about They not only have a wonderpurr list of pet products, and of course the world’s greatest boxes…but they honestly care enough about their customers to interact with them.

How many times have you seen an Anipal posting a photo of flowers sent by Chewy after their fur baby has gone OTRB? Or sent a care package when a fur kid is feeling sick? cares. They like us. They weally weally like us!

We weren’t asked to promote Chewy in Where Babies Come From. We just wanted to pass the word that babies come in Chewy boxes. Cuz…they do. As yoo can see in Chester’s letter, that’s why kitties can never resist playing in Chewy boxes…cuz it was their furrrest memory! Explains everything!


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